• Bid & Proposal Workshop

    Whether a proposal is to a company or to a government department, or for services or products, we face the same challenges—how to manage resources and time effectively and provide a persuasive, value-focused submittal. It is not as easy as one might think.


  • Companies of all sizes spend too much time and effort chasing work that results in winning only a few projects. It creates stress for your staff and your bottom line. What if there were processes and techniques that engage your whole business development cycle, deliver consistent results, require less time and effort, reduce overhead costs, and increase revenue?

    Companies respond to all types of bids or proposals:

    • Statement of Qualifications
    • Price Bid
    • Formal Proposal
    • Letter Proposal
    • Marketing Brochure

    Whatever format your bid or proposal takes, the response is a key step in a complex sales process. It is a written offer from your company to a prospective buyer, who might be a company or a government department. The proposal should educate the buyer about your company’s capabilities, put your products or services in a beneficial light, and responds to the buyer’s requirements and needs. The bid does all a proposal does and offers a value-based price proposal for the product or service.

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Despite the different audiences for commercial and government proposals, they have much in common. In particular, commonalities include excessive time and effort invested in creating proposals although effective processes exist to decrease the expense and improve the bottom line.

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Strategic Win master class covers every knowledge area needed to efficiently manage
bids, improve proposal quality and increase win rates

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