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    18th – 19th JULY
    Venue: Cliftons, Brisbane

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  • Bid and Proposal Management Workshop – Brisbane

    • Choosing the right deals to pursue, customer focussed proposal content
    • Using Bid Decision to verify winability, Ensure “Show Stoppers” are addressed
    • Create winning discriminators and differentiators against competition
    • Setup the proposal development tracking process
    • Establish and conduct multi-gate reviews
    • Implement proposal quality assurance standards
    • Setup proposal production process

    Whether a proposal is to a company or to a government department, we face the same challenges-how to manage resources and time effectively and submit a persuasive, value-focused submission. It is not as easy as it looks. Companies of all sizes spend too much time and effort chasing work that results in winning only a few projects. It stresses your staff and your bottom line. What if there is a way to develop processes and techniques that deliver consistent results, require less time and effort, reduce your overhead costs, and increase your revenue? Yes, Register with us today and get to know.

    Excitement drives the start of a project life cycle, yet the temptation to do business at any cost can quickly leave risk factors exposed and costs unaccounted for. This Bid and Proposal Workshop can help you focus every project from the beginning. During the Bid and Proposal Workshop, through real-world examples, you will learn how to:
    • Develop adaptable proposal processes that fit your company culture, your business, and the bid or proposal.
    • Build collaboration and team work using techniques to manage workflow, reduce overtime, and improve well-being of yourself and your staff.
    • Establish metrics that improve your results.
    • Use proposal best practices that work in all industries and with all types of bids or proposals.
    • Develop client-focused proposals that articulate your value proposition.
    • Develop effective price strategies
    • Develop quality assurance practices that deliver consistent, compliant results

    What you learn

    • Learn game-changing techniques that you can use immediately
    • Learn effective proposal time management skills
    • Learn how to effectively manage teams that deliver content on deadline
    • Learn how to implement end-to-end proposal processes that work for your company
    • Learn how be a Proposal Champion and influence your organization
    Qualifying the opportunity

    • Choosing the right deals to pursue
    • Using Bid Decision to verify winability
    • Ensure “Show Stoppers” are addressed
    Key Competency Area
    • Bid Decision
    • Compliance & Responsiveness
    • Capture Planning
    • Price to Win
    Proposal Planning

    • Commit to a best practices based process
    • Prepare Proposal Management Plan
    Key Competency Area
    • Schedule Development
    • Risk Management
    • Team Selection and Management
    • Daily Team Management
    • Virtual Team Management
    • Review Management
    • Headings and Graphics
    • Page and Document Design
    Proposal Development

    • Create an evaluator friendly proposal structure
    • Create customer focussed proposal content
    • Create winning discriminators and differentiators against competition
      Key Competency Area
    • Proposal Strategy Development
    • Requirements Identification
    • Compliance Checklist Development
    • Outline Development
    • Teaming Identification
    • Executive Summary Development
    • Story Board Development
    • Winning Price Development
    Proposal Management

    • Setup the proposal development tracking process
    • Establish and conduct multi-gate reviews
    • Implement proposal quality assurance standards
    • Setup proposal production process
      Key Competency Area
    • Story Board Review Management
    • Kick-off Meeting Review Management
    • Colour Reviews
    • Proposal Progress Reporting
    • Final Document Review
    • Production Management
    • Lessons Learnt Analysis and Management
    Sales Orientation

    • Understand the business development lifecycle
    • Understand the capture management process
    Key Competency Area
    • Sales Lifecycle
    • Capture Planning
    • Price to Win
    • Oral Proposals
    Test Preparation

    • Analyse the question patterns
    • Quick recall of the key competency areas
    • Course workbook
    • Effective tools that can be implemented immediately
    • Web links to online resources
    • Case Studiess
    • Participation Certificate
    • 20% Off on all events by XEROZO worldwide
    • **Dinner opportunity with speaker
    **T&C apply

    Upon the successful completion of this workshop, you will receive a Certificate of Completion bearing the signatures of the Course Director and the Course Organiser. The Certificate will testify to your endeavour and serve your professional advancement.