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What is bid management?

Writing a winning business proposals is both a skill and a craft that can be mastered through training and practice. Make your next business or bid/sales proposal stand out from your competitors by learning how to plan and design a document that not only provides practical information, but grabs the reader and holds their attention to the end.

  • It includes:

    • Having a system and processes
    • Knowing what is on the horizon
    • Having the ‘bidding machine’ in place to deliver your bid strategy
    • Knowing when to bid and when not to bid
    • Knowing when to withdraw and what your priorities are
    • Scheduling when important tenders need completing
    • Knowing who completes what & where evidence & past bids are kept
    • Managing risk and budgets
    • Making the most of different specialisms available to you
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    • When does it start?
    • Decision gates
    • Managing the bid
    • Polishing the bid

Bid and Proposal Management 

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